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Bodycraft Jones Freedom
Safety Gym

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Bodycraft Jones Freedom
Dynamic Smith Machine

Bodycraft GL Home Gym


  • 500 lb. capacity Olympic Bar.
  • Bar starting weight = 40 lbs.
  • 20 Safety positions with 3" spacing.
  • Commercial grade linear bearings.
  • Case-Hardened, precision milled stainless steel guide rods.
  • Dark Gray powder coat finish.

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    Smith Machine Safety - Squat Rack Freedom of Motion

    The Jones series of machines allow not only for up & down travel like a Smith Machine, but fore & aft as well. You have to control the movement, which works secondary - supportive muscles.

    Safety spotters travel with the bar allowing you to safely rack your bar as you work to fatigue. No need to move the bar to an awkward position to re-rack. Nor do you have to rest the bar on an arm arm and slide out from under the bar.

    The Jones can be locked into a retro-Smith position. When previous injuries or poor form need some assistance, use the locking pin for verticle movement only, allowing you to lean into the bar for support.

    Built in multi-grip pull-up bar. Just like traditional squat racks!
    Suitable for attaching training bands or ab-slings

    GL dimensions
    Length 50" x Width 86" x Height 83"

    Lifetime In-Home Warranty

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